Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh,'s already Wednesday.  We go back to school on Monday (for staff).  I am slightly in a panic, since I have to present at the Google Summit-three sessions.

Today, I have so many goals to accomplish that I have not accomplished yet this break.
But, we enjoyed our Christmas.  We think the boys liked most of their presents this year. Whew!
We still have way too much food left...but that is the norm in this house.  I make too much.  Way too much!  We got the Christmas stuff down on Sunday, as it was another thing on my too do list that I needed out of the way.  The house is relatively clean, with the boys here.
New Year's Eve brought more cooking!  And again, too much food that won't all get eaten.
Now to prepare for the boys trip back to Arizona and for the Summit.

But, first, finalizing my book list from the year.  I just finished up my movie list.  I am not doing the 50/50 Challenge again, but I liked it.  I just found that I could not keep up with the reading.  I want to read and keep track of my reading list, but I want to read when I want and what I want.  The Challenge made me focus on the Challenge and not just picking up a book to read.  By the end of the year, I felt like I was only reading for a goal and not reading because I wanted to.  I found that the goal actually stopped me from reading sometimes.  But, I hope to keep reading a great deal and keeping track of it on here and on Goodreads!

Now to go look at the books that I forgot to add to my list and to get that first workout in for the year...and clean.
Then to work on Summit!

As an aside...
The Summit did keep me going.  I have started another website to keep track of things for our family.  Namely, recipes and plans for holidays.  I hope to put pictures on it so Chad can see them better.  I like posting random ones on Facebook, but not all of them.

I did create one goal this year...
A Photo a Day Challenge.  I will have that on FB, Flickr, and Instagram...once I get it all figured out better!

Have a great New Year!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

So, I have finished week two of all of my craziness!  Workouts have gone well...except I'm tired...energized, but want to sleep.  I'm doing well on my reading.  Excited to feel like I'm getting into a rhythm a bit.  Movies are going at the normal pace.  Once per week!  After school duty at school is over, so my life shifts into overdrive.  12 hour days with extra lessons for a solid month.  I also start my grad class tomorrow.  I'm just working on my MA+9, so it's for fun and to learn technology.  So basically, my husband will be lonely a lot.  I will have my nose in a book or on a computer 24/7.

So good!  The only thing I need to add are some posts on my books and movies.  My technology will post for itself after tomorrow!

Monday, January 9, 2012

First full week begins today...

Well, today was the start of my first full week of normalcy in 2012.  We had a great weekend.  It was very relaxing.  I got a lot of computer work and fun done and read!  We finished the weekend off with some beer-can chicken with baked potatoes and finished the Broncos/Stealers game.  (Yeah, Tebow threw a pass and the guy ran for a touchdown to end the game in OT...who would have thought.)  Then I read some Riordan.  I'm really getting into this book.  It started slow for me, but now I just want to read!
This morning was a P90X morning.  Wake-up at 3:00 and get going.  Cardio killed me.  But, the hard part of my day is over and now I'm waiting for kids to start arriving!  Have a great week!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

P90X it or hate works!!!

My exercise 2012


Pinterest! Love it!

My Technology 2012

The Sapphire Knight

I just finished "The Sapphire Knight." The book is being donated to every student in our school during February. I was allowed to borrow one beforehand, so I thought I would read it. I read it this evening. It is a very short book. I thought it was fairly good. It was not too deep, so I think that most of the kids will get it. The "smart" kids will probably read it and move on from it quickly, as it does not go in to as much detail as some of the other books they regularly read by Riordan or Patterson. Michael Sullivan's Website
This book is about a Bard that learns his craft from a former knight. The knight tells a legend, which was his life. The music of the village and the knights land was stolen by the Green Queen, or the Queen of May. But, the twists and turns tell a different story. The knight must go off on his own journey, outside of his land, to rescue the music of the land. Throughout the story, the absence of all of the pleasant sounds are gone. The birds do not sing, the wind does not whistle through the trees, and the streams do not bubble with beautiful sound.
I hope that my students enjoy reading the book and enjoy the contests that they get to participate in during February.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Starting out!

Well, here I am posting on what is now my third blog attempt in about a year. But, this year I have a goal. Thanks so much to my sister, Cindy, I am going to follow in her footsteps. The 50/50 challenge. Read 50 books and watch 50 movies in one year. I was hesitant...for about a minute or two. I think I jumped on board because I already had some books and movies on my list for the year and I was excited to have something to write about.

I have a stack of books ready to start me off. I'm pretty sure that I will go through ups-and-downs with this (when I read a lot and when I don't have time to sleep, much less read). Right now I'm on the reading level of my Middle School students, so these first reads will be more quick...unless you count Riordan...and those are not as quick.
I am also hoping to get to some books that I keep putting off. I seem to put them down because I don't think I'll have time to read them.

Now, movies, I LOVE movies. But, since I have been married, I have not watched quite as many movies as I once did. In general, we watch about 2-3 movies a month, at home. Then, I will watch some movies on my own...via the laptop and my favorite little goodie...Netflix! Now, I will just have to remember to take time to do it. (Since I can keep up with football games and watch a movie without much trouble!)

Now to see how this all goes!

Happy Reading, Watching, and Living!!!